How To Engage Shoppers In Your Store With Digital Signage

How To Engage Shoppers In Your Store With Digital Signage

For many businesses, digital signage is another example of a cost they can’t afford. However, many advantages come with digitising your store with this type of signage. Not only this, but the cost of digital signage is also coming down year after year. With services like Retail Motion, digital signage becomes an affordable solution to attract more customers and improve overall shopper satisfaction.

Of course, the investment is only worthwhile if you use digital signage correctly. Here are some tips for engaging shoppers with this technology!

Follow Themes And Seasons

If we look at something like the Disney store, what is it that allows for the magical experience? We all know about the films and the characters, but digital signage is something that makes the experience even more enjoyable. At Christmas, for example, the store is decorated and the digital signage changes. After investing, this is something you can do too (even without the huge budgets of Disney!).

In the winter, have some snowy landscapes or a fireplace ready and it will transform the whole feel of the store. You can put Christmas scenes on the signage, a fireworks display, Easter-themed decorations, and more. Of course, you’re doing all this for absolutely no charge. Once you have the digital signage, all you need to do is update when appropriate.

Present Special Promotions

Both in the shop window and around the store, another way to engage shoppers is to show everybody your special promotions. Do you have 10% off of everything in the store? Is your sale coming to an end? By putting this information on the digital signage, you’re making it easier to see for customers outside and inside the store.

To really make the most of this tip, play around with different colours, templates, filters, and effects. Ask friends and family to come and visit the store as you play around with the settings and find customisable options that work for your shoppers.

Tell A Story

These days, customers are choosing brands based on their stories. In the past, the price of a product was the most important detail. Now, we’re willing to pay a little more if it means going for a business that has environmentally friendly processes. With digital signage, it’s two for the price of one:

  • You can inform customers of your environmentally friendly actions
  • Digital signage itself is an environmentally friendly action because you aren’t wasting resources with seasonal decorations and printed paper

When you buy digital signage, you’re making a conscious effort to help the environment, and you can engage shoppers with the story using the very same digital signage.

Assist Customers

Next, many customers in a physical store leave when they find something confusing. Sadly, it seems the modern-day consumer is embarrassed to talk to somebody in-store because they would prefer to go home and look it up online instead. With digital signage, you can inform customers that your staff members are always willing to help. Sometimes, the information itself guides them through the purchase and essentially pushes them through the sales funnel while in-store.

Take Advantage Of Projection Mapping

Finally, a good way to assist customers from the previous tip is to use projection mapping technology. If you haven’t seen this before, you can essentially project information onto display products. By projecting this information, the customer learns everything they need to know (just as they would with a product description online!). With this, customers are happier to purchase an item and your brand builds a brilliant reputation for customer service.

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